1. What is YouCam?

YouCam is a selfie app for you to dig out your own beauty. It adopted some advanced technologies like face detection & tracking, makeup AR, live 3D face AR, skincare AR and face AI, which serves everyone well. YouCam allows you to get much more than your beauty. You can meet lots of photo lovers or selfie lovers by sharing photos or videos with the community. With its powerful functions, YouCam has developed many products, for example, YouCam Perfect, YouCam Makeup, YouCam Fun, and YouCam Nail. (more details in part 2, 3 and 4)

2. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect APK, a popular smartphone app for photo editing and selfie beautification, supported by Android and IOS, was developed by Perfect Corp Developers. It allows users to edit photos, beautify selfies and add frames & collages with a full editing toolkit, leading selfie lovers to dig out their confidence, personality, status and fashion sense. In Google Play Store, it has a rating of 4.5 stars rating and many positive reviews with more than 50 million downloads. Download YouCam Perfect and you can do a lot of things with this amazing and awesome app.

2.1 YouCam Perfect APK for Android

2.1.1 Overview on YouCam Perfect APK

Name YouCam Perfect
Type  Photography
APK Size 41.67 MB
Latest version Version 5.30.2 (153020)
Updated on June 25th, 2018
Operating system 50.9 MB
Operating System Android, iPhone & iPad
Requirement Android free, IOS 9.0 or later
Language English, Chinese
License Free
Downloads More than 50 millions


2.1.2 Feature Highlights

Photo shooting

YouCam Perfect app owns the function of auto beautifying. You can use auto beautifying to get the best looking photos right for you when snapping the photo. It provides 14 real-time skin beautification effects for instantly beautiful selfies for you.
Besides, it has a large number of amazing effects and filters which you can randomly choose from. They can beautify your selfies just in seconds.
There are 4 kinds of effects and each of them has its own category. For example, "Portrait" effect has 14 subsidiary effects, like Candy, Aesthetic, Gentle, Cool and Retro, etc. In total, YouCam Perfect has 50 kinds of effect, sufficient for users to choose. Also, you can shoot a video by pressing the circle with a red pot.
YouCam Perfect shows superiority on multi-face detection feature, which allows you to touch up every face in the group shots. Using a selfie stick is better!

YouCam Perfect Photo Shooting


Photo editing


YouCam Perfect features a full editing toolkit, a library of BEAUTIFY and EDIT. If you want to beautify your picture, no need to worry because you have 20 choices to change anywhere in your picture, Effects, Smoothener, Face Shaper, Tone, Nose Enhance, Eye Bag, Enlarger, Acne, Blush, Taller, Body Shaper, Smile, Oil-Free, Contour, Brighten, Double Eyelid, Red-Eye, Teeth Whitener, Fun Cam and Makeup. You can beautify whatever you are not satisfied with. There are 16 tools for editing your photo, Effects, Crop & Rotate, Adjust, Text, Removal, Mosaic, Sticker, Frame, HDR, Blur, Vignette, Scene, Magic Brush, Overlays, Brush, Fun Cam, and Makeup. Amazingly, you can now retouch your whole body profile, adjust your body proportions, & slim your waist with just the swipe of your finger. Shrink your waist & instantly look thinner with body slim. From changing skin tone to shaping your face & the body, YouCam Perfect provides all the advanced tools you need.

You can select 1 – 6 photos to collage. There are tons of frames for you to collage. If you cannot find a favorite one, you can press the "+" icon to download more. The best for you is just waiting for your discovering.

Skin Diary
One of YouCam Perfect's flashpoints is Skin Diary, an excellent function for analyzing users' skin. When you are placing your face inside the circle, it will remind you of "Lighting", " Look Straight" and "Face Position" in order to better analyze your skin. After you keep your face inside the circle, it will automatically score your skin in four aspects, Spots, Wrinkles, Texture and Dark Circle. It is quite unique from other beauty camera apps! From its analysis, you can know your skin age!


Benefits of YouCam Perfect

You can share your photos via social media.
It allows you to improve face shape by using face shaper tool.
It supports face detection technology.
It offers a makeover tool to make eyes and face issues.
Finally, considering all these facts Youcam perfect is a powerful, amazing camera and photo editor. It can make your photos with beauty. Youcam perfect provide best features to the user for enjoying with beauty. Now you have a chance to enjoy this marvelous application by editing your photos beautifully.

After shooting a perfect photo or video, you can upload it to your favorite social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google, etc. Just select eh social media platform of your preference and then share your pictures in just a few seconds.

2.1.3 How to Download YouCam Perfect APK

You can Download YouCam Perfect for Android easily. It is a very simple process.

STEP 1. Just click on the button below and you can easily get it!


STEP 2. Follow the instruction to install YouCam Perfect APK on your Android device.

2.2 YouCam Perfect App for iPhone/iPad

2.2.1 Overview on YouCam Perfect App

Name YouCam Perfect
Type  Photography
APK Size 41.67 MB
Latest version Version 5.30.2 (153020)
Updated on June 25th, 2018
Operating system 50.9 MB
Operating System Android, iPhone & iPad
Requirement Android free, IOS 9.0 or later
Language English, Chinese
License Free
Downloads More than 50 millions


2.2.2 Feature Highlights

- You can make your body thinner.
- You can make short videos with selfies.
- Experience the latest fashion, makeup, and other features.
- Share your lovely photos with your friends through social sites.
- Face reshaper helps to remove under eye circles, brighten dull eyes and more.
- You can remove unwanted background using intelligent object removal.
- Multi-face detection feature.
- There were several blur effects available to blur the image background.

2.2.4 How to Download YouCam Perfect App

Of course, YouCam Perfect is also available in the official Apple app store.
Go to the official Apple app store in your iPhone to get it installed on your iPhone today.
Your device needs to be IOS 9.0 or later. Then you can fully enjoy your selfie comments!

2.3 How to Use YouCam Perfect

Press "YouCam Perfect" icon.
If you want to take a selfie, click on the first icon at the left upper corner.
If you would like to edit a photo, just choose the other icon "Photo Edit" at the right upper corner or "Collage" icon.
If you want to test your skin, please press the "Skin Diary" icon.

How to Use YouCam Perfect


2.4 User Reviews

"It is a really fantastic camera! I have numerous choices for effects, filters and frames. It is very amazing that I can change my body shape to thinner or slimmer. I can change anywhere of my body, like eyes, face, legs and arms. After I edit my picture, I feel more confident. Yeah, it is quite cool! I like it!"--Mark
"YouCam Perfect is a really perfect camera! I can beautify the photo as I like by covering the various effects. I can always find the best one for the particular photo. What is very different on YouCam Perfect from other beauty cameras is that users can test their skin in four measures. It is a lovely camera!" --Joe
"Oh, YouCam Perfect is the best camera I've ever seen! What impresses mostly on me is that the multi-face detection feature. It lets me touch-up every face in my group shots. I can use the timer or just wave hand to take a selfie. It is well-functioned! I love it!" --Jack

3. YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup APK, which can be used easily on iOS/ Android, is the best makeover and hairstyle studio with lipstick, eye makeup, blush and more for your digital makeover! It was also developed by the Perfect Corp. YouCam Makeup allows users to create makeup looks, hairstyles, and change hair color instantly and in real time. Besides, you can watch professional-looking video stories/movies within a few taps. Additionally, you can discover all the latest trends in the beauty community, full of makeup tutorials, celebrity photos, and the hottest fashion news. If you are satisfied with your selfie, just share it with the beauty community and show your beauty to the world!


3.1. YouCam Makeup APK for Android

Name YouCam Makeup
Category Photo & Video
APK Size 60.98 MB
Latest version Version 5.30.5 (53050)
Updated on Feb 1th, 2018
Operating system Andriod, iOS
Requirement Android 4.0 and up, iOS 10.0 or later
License Free


3.1.1 Feature Highlights

A full
toolkit for beautifying

YouCam Makeup focuses on face beautification so it has lots of makeup tools and effects, very sufficient for users. For example, there are many makeup tools, Foundation, Blush, Lip Colour, Eyeliner, Eyelashes, Eye Shadow and Eye Colour. As well as various effects, like Natural, Candy, Aesthetic, Cake, Savory, Teatime and Black Tea, etc. With YouCam Makeup, you can:
Change the skin color to look fabulous.
Remove spots/ wrinkles/ flaws/ blemishes etc.
Smooth your skin on your face.
Choose the best eyelash for your eyes.
There are lots of lip colors are available in different colors and textures.
You can put eyeliner in various patterns as well as colors.
Try out new eyebrows that suits your face.
Eyeshadow can be used with matching colors.
Put on some blusher to look more attractive.
Eye lenses can be changed and it completely looks natural.
Change the hairstyle and highlight it as you want. It's very useful when you want to try out a new hairstyle.
Whiten your teeth is possible with this app if you want.

Smooth Your Skin YouCam Makeup


Personalized Hair Colour & Style
Beside face beautification, YouCam has tools for changing hair color and hairstyle. It is the feature that other camera apps don't cover. You can change your hair color into red, green, grey, blue and purple, which you never dare to change into. You can dye your own hair without visiting the salon! Give yourself a hair color makeover in seconds. Or for a completely new style, try out true-to-life hairstyles.
If you want to try a new hair color or hairstyle, go to "Photo Makeup" on the homepage and find out "Hair". Then you can follow your heart to change your hair!

Personalize Hair Color YouCam Makeup


There are lots of stylish accessories ready to complete your look in YouCam Makeup. For example, Sparkle and shine with a pair of sunglasses or the perfect necklace and earrings for any occasion. Come to "Fun Filter" on the homepage and dress up whatever you like with those trendiest hair accessories including headbands, floral hair pieces, and more. It is full of great fun!

Accessories YouCam Makeup


3.1.2 How to Download YouCam Makeup APK
It is possible to download YouCam Makeup on any Android smartphone or tablet
Here is the process.
  • Go to the app store in your Android phone and search "YouCam Makeup".
  • Then, tap on the "Download" button and install it.
  • Or you can visit the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Type the name of YouCam Makeup in the searching tab and then you will be displayed YouCam Makeup application.
  • Click on that and again tap on the "Download" button.


3.2 YouCam Makeup App for iPhone/iPad

Name YouCam Makeup
Category Photo & Video
APK Size 60.98 MB
Latest version Version 5.30.5 (53050)
Updated on Feb 1th, 2018
Operating system Andriod, iOS
Requirement Android 4.0 and up, iOS 10.0 or later
License Free


3.2.1 Feature Highlights

Benefits of YouCam Makeup
By using YouCam Makeup, you can find out its many benefits:
Detects facial features correctly even the minor spots.
It is a very user-friendly app which makes the utilization easier.
There are lots of fun features available that can change your look completely.
Quality of the photo that you capture or edit can be changed to the best quality.
Collect rewards from Youcam.
Create a social profile and connect with people.

3.2.2 How to Download YouCam Makeup App

It is possible to download YouCam Makeup on any Android smartphone or tablet
Here is the process.
STEP 1. you can visit the Google Play Store on your Android device.
STEP 2. Type the name of YouCam Makeup in the searching tab and then you will be displayed YouCam Makeup application.
STEP 3. Click on that and again tap on the "Download" button.

3.3 User Reviews

"I like this app! I can beautify my face, actually every corner of my face! And also my hair, I am given the chance to "dye" my hair into many crazy colors. I can be a star! Quite cool! YouCam Makeup makes my dream of being a perfect person come true." --Jane
"YouCam Makeup is a well-functioned camera! I can randomly choose any effects or filters for my photos in just second tags. It is very easy to operate. I always upload my photos which I make every effort to beautify to the community and I can find lots of likes for my photos!" --Tom
"YouCam Makeup gathers tons of accessories in all kinds. It is very great fun to choose them. You can get more from the downloading shop. That means you are handing countless accessories at this very moment. I can wear a perfect necklace, a pair of sparkle and shine sunglasses and earrings for any occasion!" --Martin

4. Other Powerful YouCam Products

4.1 YouCam Fun- Live Face Filters

Brief Introduction of YouCam Fun APK
YouCam Fun, also developed by the Perfect Corp, is a selfie camera with various live video filters. It has many cute filters, stickers and more! You can snap and share a live video recording or a selfie with your friends instantly. YouCam Fun applies powerful augmented reality technology to create a fun real-time experience, which makes your photo cover hundreds of awesome effects at your fingertips.

Introduction to YouCam Fun


Feature Highlights

Live Stickers & Effects

Tons of stickers and effects on your face are waiting for your tag! There are lots of photo effects including new hairstyles, animal faces, costumes and way more!

Stickers on Video

Much fun by covering video effects for every frame! You can add stickers to live video and send to friends. Besides, text can be added to videos to tell jokes and give friends a shout out!

Selfie Effects for your Camera Roll

Is your selfie collection gathering dust? Don't worry. Just brighten it up with stickers and effects for your camera roll!

Fun Pic Effects, Frames & More

Photo Fun provides many face effects come to your phone, including Frames, Backgrounds, Light Leak, Scratch, and Grunge. Create any vibe you want!

Live Filters for Photos and Video

Are there not enough filters for you? Don't worry. There are hundreds of real-time filters that you can use to spice up any photo or video instantly! Just get the perfect look every time with the amazing live filters!

Beauty Cam Instantly Beautifies

The beauty camera instantly beautifies your face, giving you perfect selfies with no effort!


4.2 YouCam Nails - Manicure Salon

Brief Introduction of YouCam Nails APK
YouCam Nails, developed by the Perfect Corp as well, is a nail art app game. With YouCam Nails, anyone can be a nail artist! It brings stunning styles and creates hundreds of unique designs by applying polish, drawing patterns, and adding cute nail decals. It's manicure magic for girls who love fashion and nail games! Try to find out your personalized nails without the hassle of nail polish remover in YouCam Nails.

Feature Highlights
A full toolkit for creating unique nails
You can create nails from five aspects: Colour, Nail Looks, Shape, Skin, and Background. There are numerous colors for you to choose from. Different kinds of nail looks and shapes are waiting for you.
A Large Community for Makeup and Nails
In the interface of YouCam Nails, tag "Beauty Circle" icon to the large community for makeup lovers and nail art lovers. There, you can find lots of creative nails made by others or something of nail artists. If you like them, remember to give a like to them and you can even download them.
Tutorials for creating nails
Tag "Tutorials" in the interface of YouCam Nails and you can learn how to make a wonderful nail from the tutoring videos. So, don't worry if you have no idea of creating a beautiful nail. Remember, you have many tutorials!

Feature Highlights for Youcam Nails

5. YouCam for PC (Windows/Mac)

YouCam for PC has the highest video resolution (720 p) and the fastest response (30 fps) currently available for web consultations. It can complete range of makeup products available for virtual try on and the only solution to offer eye liner and colored contact lens AR try outs.

6. Functions YouCam App

6.1 Avatar Creator

YouCam allows users to create a personalized avatar by providing stylish avatars, various facial modes, and other tools. The library of abundant effects for making an avatar can inspire users to create their own avatar. Users can choose the favorite mode equipped in YouCam or create a new one by magic imagination. Besides, YouCam's face detection is quite advanced.

6.2 Magnificent Effects

YouCam Makeup features highly accurate facial detection powered by AI for true-to-life AR photo & video effects. There are lots of virtual dynamic effects, for example, floating of rose petals, colorful paper flowers, and Taraxacum. They fall down naturally on your head and shoulders. You can find out lots of fun experience in YouCam!

6.3 Accurate Facial Recognition

Utilizing the highly accurate 3D facial tracking feature, movements and expressions can be precisely measured. More than 100 facial points easily detect wide angle facial profiles, dramatic facial movements, and lighting.

7. More Apps

Talking about alternatives, there are just a lot of options that you can choose from. Some of these alternatives are the following:

Camera360 Icon

Camera 360

Camera 360 is a free beauty camera and a global community of photography, containing professional editing tools and all themed funny stickers & motion stickers, art filters, poster templates, and video effects.


Snapseed is a powerful photo editor. It aims to offer the most professional photo editing services to both Android and iOS users. You can enjoy massive filters and tools so as to perfect your images.


Picsart is a brilliant photo editor and picture collage maker on mobile with 500 million installs. Download Picsart and enjoy the wonderful tools, effects, free clipart library and millions of user-created stickers.

8. Word of Mouth: Download YouCam and Leave Your Reviews

If this site is helpful for you, I warmly welcome you to leave your reviews here. Hope you enjoy YouCam!